April 22, 2017


Beauty Studio
Role | Digital Designer

Treat yourself to a little pampering at a Superdrug store near you. From eyebrow threading, brown tint, to eyelash extensions and nail manicures.

I designed this set of pages to mirror the look and feel of the new in store, Superdrug Beauty Studio. I have designed these pages to be up beat and colourful. I have used html and css to make these simple images spring to life when you hover over them. The navigation on the side makes it easy for the users to navigate through the different pages. The experience doesn’t stop on mobile. Media queries, meta viewpoint and width percentages was use to make the pages responsive. I have used JQuery to develop a drop down menu, which makes it easy for the customer to navigate on mobile.

I feel that this is one of my main favourite pieces of work becuase I built it from the ground up. I project managed this whole project from start to finish. I have designed the user experience using previous research into superdrug and other competitor pages and booked meetings with the manager of beauty studio. Prototyping the pages making verious versions, concluding which was the most effect, and which design will have the heighest conversion rate. Using A/B testing, heat maps and site improve to get the best results.

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