May 1, 2017


Hollister Brandshop Page
Role | Digital Designer

Hollister California fragrance is fun, bold, vibrant, and with an unforgettable scent capturing memories of the beach – who could resist?!

Previous brandshop from superdrug brought customers to the page then set other customers to another page, this makes the page not only useless but another step in the customer journey.ndesigned this new layout so that customers could find what they are looking for and not leave the page. Similar to lacoste page, when the customer click on the fragrance they like the product will load into the page. Once again this page is responsive and the experience is not lost on mobile.

ThIs idea of having all the products load in on one pages makes this one of my favourite projects. Being able to research brandshops and landings pages as well as learning new JQuery code to effectively gain the result I had in mind is one of the reason why I have chosen this page as one of my favourites. I have done a lot of research on how to get the best result for mobile, and implementing my learning onto this page.

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